Hi, I am Vitaly Shershidsky, I’m helping people to manage business. What do I do is named management consulting or business consulting. Another words I’m professional management consultant. This means I have university degree in Economics with “Management” specialization and some additional trainings and developments in operations and strategy fields. Recent years I have ample practice in strategy finding and executing.

This is my Internet blog. I live in Moscow, Russian Federation, and work as an Managing Partner at Acumen Partners Management Consulting

My job helps to clients precisely direct businesses strategically, organize and align it aptly, as well to handle the changes that grow revenue and sustain competitive advantage.

My skills

  • Corporate and operations strategy, strategy implementation and execution
  • Operations performance – redesign or elaborate processes, outsourcing,
  • Personal experience with the best practices around the globe
  • XXI Century worldview and overseas ken
  • Expert in change management
  • Exceptional communicator
  • Creative problem solver
  • Agile thinker

Business card

The ‘copy and paste it’ bio:

Originally from the south of the Russia Vitaly Shershidsky moved to Moscow in 2002 to take part in the two companies merging project. With a background in both consulting and starting business from the scratch, including rising venture capital, business development and optimization, and with very good academic record Shershidsky has quickly become one of the Russian leading experts in the field.

Shershidsky studied operational management with the best professors of the State University in Volgograd, and discussed strategy finding and managing nuances with Harvard docents near Boston. A long time Shershidsky was working for BSCol CIS – Balanced Scorecard creator and developer. Consulting experience helped to tie that into the complex comprehension of business environment. Numerous methods both from world best practices and self-developed, help to diagnose and find the most effective and reasonable solutions.

His research includes various best practice, for instance FMCG manufacturing process framework, performance scorecard for private equity firm, banking strategies in BRIC countries, capital rising strategies for private equity, IT manufacturing value-added chains, energy process framework, as well universal strategy management degree evaluation, and many many others.

In the course of the years Shershidsky has been participating the score of consulting projects, acting both client-side and consultant. The 14 projects could be named major accordingly impacting on the businesses. Organizational scale of the projects is also wide: from self-made unique tasks with authors methodology to complex complicated structures with 35 members at the project’s peak time. He led small teams about 2-3 people, held alternate head of organizational administrative position in large corporation (18000 FTE), and was in charge of the management consulting department. The projects beneficiary list includes such brand-named companies like Svyazinvest, RAO EUS of Russia, Standard&Poors etc.

Nowadays Shershidsky is Managing Partner at “Acumen Partners Management Consulting”. He currently consults plenty various people – managers and shareholders from established industry leader companies to entrepreneurial start-ups. With entrepreneur spirit and corporate governance comprehension Shershidsky very well understands businessmen’s needs. His analytical skills help to structure problems and drilldown to discover their bottoms. Speaks both native Russian and fluent English Shershidsky is talented to find common language with different process participants, hear their demands and make elegance findings both meet all involved requirements and benefit business. Pragmatism and usability of the advices and deliverables – that are make him cut above the rest management consultants.

When he’s not completely involved into complicated projects, most of his time is spent traveling, presenting seminars and workshops across the Russia, CIS and around the world.

In his spare time he skis, plays chess and Go, takes photographs and collects jazz and blues records. He does not support a particular football team, nor fully understand the offside rule.


The best way to get in touch is via email.

Drop me a note: vitaly@shershidsky.ru

Or if you want to talk to me in person or send me a text message, you could try the following:

Mobile:  +7 903 561 9537
Skype:   vitaly.shershidsky